Polar Sea 360°

30 min | 10×43 min
Canada/Germany | 2014
360° interactive documentary | digital story telling experience | documentary series
ZDF/Arte, NHK, Knowledge Network

Co-director of 360° interactive online documentary
Director of online storytelling experience
Researcher for TV series

Winner of Grimme Preis Online Award 2015

20 min ⎮ Canada/Germany ⎮ 2014
10 x 60 min ⎮ Canada/Germany ⎮ 2014

Polar Sea 360º is produced by Deep Inc and Primitive Entertainment for ZDF/Arte, NHK and The Knowledge Network


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Polar Sea 360° is an interactive documentary set in Canada’s North and Greenland, two of the most beautiful and extraordinary places on earth. This visually stunning and emotional documentary will showcase the Arctic in a manner never before seen, using new film technologies – including 360° video – and creating an immersive visual experience for an online audience.

Take the 360 journey:

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Polar Sea 360° accompanies a 10-part documentary series with the same name. Together they take their audience on a journey of a lifetime, telling the grand story of the transformations happening in the Arctic right now. This exciting new documentary series and online experience is a fresh hybrid of adventure, science and arts programming, focusing on themes that highlight changes in the environment and culture of the North.

To document these themes, the filmmakers are traveling on board Le Boreal cruise ship along the coast of Greenland to Pond Inlet in Nunavut. We accompany the passengers on this 5-star luxury liner as they experience the Arctic for the very first time. Simultaneously we hear the views of all kinds of Northerners about how they are navigating the changes happening in their homeland, their communities, Arctic wildlife, economy, tourism and lifestyle. Inuit locals will describe how they are adapting to the changing environment and the new challenges they face, while continuing to perform traditional activities of their culture.

Polar Sea 360° series and interactive documentary are being produced by Toronto’s Deep Inc and Primitive Entertainment, which has made many other documentaries in the Arctic, including the National Parks Project (Discovery Television). The Polar Sea 360° is shown in Canada on TVOntario and Knowledge Network, and in Europe on ARTE television.

The interactive experience is spearheaded by filmmaker and new media producer Thomas Wallner, who has won multiple Emmys, Genie Awards, Geminis and Webby awards for his innovative works in the digital realm.

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