I’m the creative producer of a new doc for Fathom Film Group and Zoomer Media:

HACK YOUR AGE – A Journey into Anti-Aging Technology, Biohacking and Longevity

Jan 2019


Hack your Age is directed by Hannah Donegan for Fathom Film Group, commissioned by Zoomer Media


Humans have pursued longevity for as long as we can remember. Over the years, life expectancy has increased exponentially and promises of living longer have been made by everyone from religions and cults to the cosmetics industry and questionable food blogs. But today we may be actually making real progress in lengthening our lives and living healthy well past 100. Experts on the forefront of anti-aging medicine say the field is booming with new therapies, and many on the horizon, that promise to target illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s and make for a healthier, older population in the years to come. Growing old may no longer be so ominous when we can hack our age.
Deedee Moscoe is a woman in her late 50s who is starting to feel the effects of time. She’s always been outgoing, outspoken and active but the aches and pains are beginning to slow her down. What’s more, she’s caring for her ailing parents – her mother has dementia, digestive issues, and inoperable breast cancer, and her father is newly deaf and likes to ignore his wife.

Deedee is constantly in and out of hospital and doctor appointments with them and for herself. She witnesses the effects of the body breaking down over age. But she is shocked when her own doctor gives her news of a liver issue. She is scared. She doesn’t want to grow old unhealthily like her parents, and she’s spurred to find ways to turn back the clock any way she can. She wants to figure out how to hack her age.

She embarks on a journey to find out the latest and greatest anti-aging therapies, starting with a trip to the Medcan Clinic in Toronto. The private clinic is considered one of the top in North America for baby boomers looking to extend their lifespan, and even ward off aging altogether. They run her through a number of tests to determine her problem areas and craft a plan to reduce—or better yet—stop aging in its tracks.

She changes her diet, starts popping supplement pills, and begins an intense exercise regime that has her questioning if the pain is really worth it. As much as the lifestyle changes are helping she decides to go one step further, researching the latest in anti-aging technology and therapies, discovering that age transformation is more accessible than she had thought.

Deedee discovers the best scientific research while attending meet-ups and clinics, spending time in cutting-edge laboratories and a take-no-prisoners exercise boot camps. She talks to everyone from top doctors and high-energy hucksters, to fitness gurus and food faddists, to happiness coaches, optimism optimizers, and self-compassion trainers — all on a quest to discover what it means to have anti-aging hope. And whomever she talks with, wherever she goes and whatever she does, she asks, will this help me hack my age? After 6 months on her anti-aging quest, Deedee will find out the impact of her efforts. As her doctor performs some final tests, we will discover if Deedee is as young as she feels, hopefully giving Deedee a quite few more healthy years on this planet.

While the film examines the balance between slowing the aging clock while speeding up the pace of many other areas of our lives, Deedee is reinvigorated not only by the various therapies, but by seeking out new experiences, embracing change and letting go.