Arctic Secrets

Writing and creative producing Arctic Secrets, an 8-part doc series for Blue Ant Media and the Smithsonian Institute

Feb 2015 – Feb 2017

Writer and Creative Producer


A unique journey of discovery to some of the most awe-inspiring regions in the Canadian North.
With UAV-mounted 4K cameras, we access mountains, glaciers and spectacular vistas no helicopter or human could ever reach.

All our Arctic locations are some of the world’s last truly wild places, richly populated with animals and plants amazingly adapted to the harshest climate on the planet. From the rugged peaks of the Coastal Mountains in the Yukon to the storm tossed Eastern shores of Baffin Island Arctic Secrets reveals a world of astounding beauty – a world now under threat from unprecedented climate change.

 Arctic Secrets brings viewers unique and intimate images of the North’s most iconic wildlife: polar bears, muskoxen, caribou, bowhead and beluga whales, revealing how they’re adapting to a rapidly changing environment.

Arctic Secrets is produced by an experienced team of documentary and factual entertainment filmmakers shooting in glorious 4K.